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Leather Dog Collars

Our dogs become a massive part of our family so it stands to reason that you will want your pooch to be as comfortable as possible. There are many ways that you can do this and of course you’ll want to provide them with the best care possible.

This is why we make sure that our range of leather dog collars cover dogs of all shapes and sizes, to make sure that whatever breed of dog you have, there is something suitable for you.

Leather dog collars are the ideal choice for most dogs because of the fact that they are so comfortable. Your pet should wear their collar a majority of the time so you want something  that isn’t going to cause initiation. All of our leather dog collars are adjustable in size which means you can ensure the upmost comfort for your pet at all times.

We offer a range of hand-made collars at affordable prices and aim to ship out quickly, which means you and your pooch don’t have to wait around too long for your brand new dog collar!

If you have any questions about any of our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer any queries you have and help to choose the perfect collar for your pet.

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  • 14
    £7.50 Choose Options 14" Leather Dog Collar With Steel Fittings
    Small leather dog collar. 1/2" wide and 14" long. Fitted with a steel buckle this dog collar will fit any small terrier, jack russel, Lancashire healer or small cross breeds of a similar size. Please note that 14" is to...

  • 16
    £7.50 Choose Options 16" Long Leather Dog Collar With Steel Fittings 1/2" Wide
    Small 1/2" wide and 16" long leather dog collar. Fitted with a steel buckle and manufactured from bridle leather. Suitable for most mixed breeds of medium height.

  • 18
    £10.00 Choose Options 18" Collar 3/4" Wide
    18" Collar - 3/4" Wide. Manufactured from high quality bridle leather. Once fitted on your dog it becomes soft and duriable and will also give your dog great comfort. Suitable for many mixed breeds such as border collie...

  • 24
    £10.00 Choose Options 24" Leather Dog Collar 3/4" Wide
    24" long leather dog collar, 3/4" wide. Manufactured from high quality bridle leather. Suitable for labradors, alsations, golden retrievers, gun dogs and the hound breeds. These leather collars are extremely duriable and...

  • Heavy Duty 1
    £18.00 Choose Options Heavy Duty 1" Wide Collar Brass Fittings
    Heavy duty 1" wide dog collar manuafctured from bridle leather which is both strong and top quality. Available in two sizes: 18" to 24" long 24" to 28" long Suitable for heavy set dogs such as English Bullmastiff,...

  • Large Stitched Collar with Brass Fittings 2
    £36.00 Choose Options Large Stitched Collar with Brass Fittings 2" Wide
    Double stitched very large leather dog collar with a duriable brass buckle. Available in two sizes: 18" to 24" long 24" to 28" long and 2" wide. Manufactured for the Bullmastiff dog in mind but will fit any of the...

  • Leather Dog Collar With Handle
    £20.00 Choose Options Leather Dog Collar With Handle
    This dog collar is ideal for the larger sized dog. If you feel you need that extra bit of control over your dog you can hold the dog back using the handle as well as the lead. The D ring is positioned to the edge of the...

  • Leather Staffie Collar 1
    £30.00 Choose Options Leather Staffie Collar 1" Wide
    Leather Staffie collar. 16" to 22" long and 1" wide. With an assortment of brasses mounted on to the bridle leather collar. Fitted with a D ring which is in the centre of the collar in which to clip a lead to if desired...

  • Leather Whippet Collar
    £14.00 Choose Options Leather Whippet Collar
    Manufactured from high quality English Bridle Leather or Buffalo Hide. Available in: Small whippet - 8" to 11" Standard whippet - 12" to 14"

  • Lurcher Collar
    £14.00 Choose Options Lurcher Collar
    Leather lurcher collar. Shaped collar manufactured for the lurcher dog in mind. Available either plain or patterned and is perfect for smooth haired dogs.